The Chinese Government Scholarship Application Guide 2019/2020

Chinese Government Scholarship

The Chinese Embassy in Argentina has published the list of selected candidates of the 2019/2020 Chinese Government Scholarship and the guide for the preparation of materials by the candidates.


Candidates (including alternates) must visit and log into the website of China Scholarship Council -CSC ( to send the online application.


Materials for the application of Chinese Government Scholarship

“Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form” (in Chinese or English, with photos attached and Signature) can be downloaded from the online application portal.

The applicants need a diploma of the highest academic level, together with a notarized certificate. If the diploma certificate is not written in Chinese or English, then there must be a certified translation.

Applicants must also provide their Notarized certificate in Chinese or English. Students must present a valid certificate issued by the entity that they are using (university, college, etc.)

School grade analyst: Any school grade report that is not in Chinese or English language must have a notarized, certified translation in Chinese or English language.

Applicants must provide their study or research plan in China: This plan must be presented in Chinese or in the English language. For the grade students, the text must be more than 200 words and 800 words minimum for graduate students.

Letter of recommendation: Candidates for master’s and doctoral studies must submit letters of recommendation from two professors or full professors, in Chinese or English language.

Candidates who are going to study in China for over six months are required to submit a copy of the “Physical Exam Form for Foreigners” (The original form is kept and taken to China when you enrol in the University.) The form is officially designed by the health authority of China, you can download it on the website of the China Scholarship Council (, or, and must be completed in the English language.

Candidates must perform the exams strictly according to the requirement in the “Form of physical examination for foreigners.” Any failure to properly complete the form, such as without a photo of your own, without a stamp between the photo and the form, without a signature or stamp from the doctor and the hospital, will invalidate this form. Considering that the result of medical examinations is valid after six months, the candidate must determine the most appropriate date for the medical examination.

The candidate can apply directly to the preferred universities for the Pre-Admission Letter to guarantee their admission to the said university. Candidates with the pre-admission letter must attach a copy of the letter in the application materials.

The candidate must attach a copy of the HSK test result in the application materials.


 Approval and notification

The China Scholarship Council is responsible for checking if the candidate meets the application requirements.

Unskilled candidates or those presenting application materials that do not meet the requirements will not be admitted.

The China Scholarship Council will send the approved application materials to the educational institutions regarding admission.

The China Scholarship Council has the right to properly readjust educational institutions, specialities, funding categories, the period of scholarships, conditions chosen by the candidate, in accordance with the national scholarship requirements, the service capacity of the universities that they offer scholarships, professional education requirements and candidate conditions.

For the application materials with notification of prior admission, the China Scholarship Council will send the acceptance directly to the corresponding institutions to confirm the admission.


Candidates with confirmed admission may get financing from the Chinese government and are eligible to come study in China after having the approval of the China Scholarship Council.

A person may only get a scholarship program offered by the Chinese Government.


The China Scholarship Council will send by mail, the “Admission List”, the “Letter of Admission” and the “Visa Application Form for Foreigners in China” (Form JW201) to the Chinese Embassy in the corresponding country (or Consulate-General), so that they can pass it to the applicants of this country.


Beneficiaries of these scholarships are not authorized to change school, speciality, or period of study in the “Letter of Admission” after coming to China.

For students who cannot come to study in China on the date of admission, the scholarship obtained will not be reserved.


Safe Scholarship wishes you all the best.



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