The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), in collaboration with the Australian Academy of Science, is offering Postdoctoral Fellowships for Australian researchers to work in institutes affiliated with the JSPS.

2019 International Women’s Aviation Scholarships Association at Swinburne University – Australia

NB: Fellowships are available to Australian researchers.

The program focuses on helping researchers advance their own research while contributing immensely to the advancement of research in Japan and the counterpart countries.

The Australian Academy of Science provides an independent, authoritative and influential scientific advice, supporting international scientific engagement, builds public awareness and understanding of science, celebrates champions and also supports excellence in Australian science.

Description of Scholarship

  • Deadline for Applications: Nov. 21, 2018
  • Course LevelFellowships are available to pursuit in Postdoctoral program.
  • Study Subject: The program is available for qualified researchers in any field of natural sciences (which includes technology, engineering and medicine), the humanities and social sciences.
  • Scholarship Value: The valued of the program given below are subject to change.
  1. A round-trip air ticket (based on JSPS regulations).
  2. A monthly maintenance allowance of ¥362,000.
  3. A settling-in allowance of ¥200,000.
  4. Overseas travel accident and sickness insurance coverage.


  • Nationality: Fellowships are available to Australian researchers.
  • Number of Scholarships: JSPS states that the quota has not been set for Australia for the 2019 round under this program. A quota may not be set until early 2019. The quota for the previous round was 14.


  • Scholarship will be taken in Japan

Eligibility for the Scholarship

Countries Eligible: This program is open to Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident.

REQUIREMENTS: To be able to apply for the program,

  1. Applicants must be an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident living in Australia at the time of application. (If you were not born in Australia, please provide proof of Australian citizenship or Australian permanent residency).
  2. Note: Japanese are not eligible to apply, nor that of dual nationality if one is Japanese. Also, researchers who have permanent residency in Japan are also NOT
  3. Candidates must hold a doctorate degree which must have been received on or after 2 April 2013 or be scheduled to receive a doctorate degree before the fellowship goes into effect.
  4. Note: If the doctorate degree has not been awarded at the time of application, the PhD thesis needs to have been awarded and a letter is required from the candidate’s institute stating the date that he/she will officially receive the degree.
  5. MD (medical doctor) holders without a PhD are not eligible.
  6. Candidates who have previously been awarded a fellowship under the JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship Program for Foreign Researchers or an STA Fellowship Program are not eligible.


Requirements for English Language: Applicants whom English is not their first language are required to provide evidence of proficiency in English at the higher level required by the University.

Procedures for Application

How to Apply

Materials to be submitted in the following order

  • Applicant summary information form
  • Application form
  • (please read the JSPS Application Guidelines and Instructions for the Applications Form documents prior to completing the application form)
  • Supporting documents:
  • Copy of document confirming Australian citizenship or Australian permanent residency status (for applicants not born in Australia) e.g. Australian Certificate of Citizenship, Australian passport, Australian permanent residency visa or letter of approval for Australian permanent residency visa. Tourist, business or other short-term visas will not be accepted.
  • Copy of the candidate’s doctoral degree certificate. If the degree has not yet been awarded, a letter is required from the candidate’s institution stating the date that he/she will officially receive the degree.
    • Note: PhD thesis needs to have been submitted at the time of application.
  • Copy of the signed letter of acceptance/invitation from the candidate’s prospective host researcher in Japan, stating that he/she accepts the candidate at his/her institution.
  • Copy of a signed letter of reference/recommendation from the candidate’s doctoral supervisor (not from his/her prospective host researcher in Japan).
  • The names, addresses and contact details of two referees who may be contacted by the selection committee if further information is required. These referees can be from Australia or overseas but not from the host institution.
    • The details of the two referees can be submitted on a separate page. Do not include the details in an email.

Visit the Scholarship Link for more information


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