International PhD Positions in Clean Water Technologies

International PhD Positions in Clean Water Technologies

International PhD Positions in Clean Water Technologies

Scholarship Type: Phd

The University of Canterbury is offering International PhD Positions in Clean Water Technologies. We seek highly motivated applicants to join our ambitious and multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional research programme. In collaboration with our Māori partners, we will engineer novel biomaterials for sustainable water treatment. We will take advantage of recent advances in 3-D printing (and other biofabrication methods) to create bespoke treatment media from biological wastes. We will then use these sustainable products to clean-up wastewater and stormwater in Aotearoa NZ.

The deterioration of freshwater quality is a critical global environmental challenge that is already driving a multi-billion dollar industry. While there are a plethora of wastewater treatment technologies available, the materials used by these technologies have significant shortcomings, such as being non-biodegradable. Recent advances in 3D printing can help overcome these limitations. Our research team will develop novel composite biomaterials for use as biodegradable adsorbents and/or bio-carriers during wastewater treatment. These novel materials will be designed to minimise environmental impacts through their entire life cycle, be easy to regenerate, and/or valorise to support a regenerative (circular) economy.

Fields of research:
1- Environmental Engineering

2- Environmental Chemistry

3- Materials Science


Host Institution/Country:
University of Canterbury

It was founded in 1873 as Canterbury College, the first constituent college of the University of New Zealand.


  • Excellent academic record (Bachelor of Hons, 1st in Eng/Science for domestic students and a Masters for International students)
  • Strong written skills
  • Outstanding ability in either materials science, synthetic chemistry, lab-based microbiology, water quality engineering or Life Cycle Assessment Modelling applied to engineering.
  • Skills in Additive Manufacturing such as 3D printing an advantage for the material science position.
  • Candidates who can start within New Zealand by mid-2021.


Scholarship Value:

$27,500 per year for three years. Funding also covers tuition fees, research project consumable costs and related research funding for conferences/workshops. You can also earn additional income for teaching assistance opportunities.

Application Deadline: 15 February 2021

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