DOH scholarship for medical students

DOH scholarship

DOH Scholarship for medical students in the Philippines is available for Filipino students in the field of medicine and obstetrics. The Ministry of Health (DOH) offers scholarships for medicine and obstetrics for the 2019-2020 academic year to future students who want to work in public health after completing the scholarship.

A similar program is also available for those who want to take obstetrics in the college. Take your time and go to through this article.


Why this medical scholarship?

Entering medical school can be a challenge for aspiring doctors. Not only do you have to pass the National Medical Admission Test (NMAT), but also the difficult screening process to register at your desired institution. After passing, you also have to deal with the relatively higher costs (compared to other courses) that it entails.

Fortunately, Medicine scholarships in the Philippines are available for those deserving students who want to register for medical education.

We have previously posted on the different ways to get several scholarships.

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More information about DOH Medical Scholarships 2019-2020

The DOH recently announced that they are already accepting applicants for the 2019 DOH scholarship program.

It is available to all Filipino students with a good moral character, who have passed the admission requirements of the DOH and the chosen partner school. The applicant must also be without existing grant subsidies from another company or agency or with a repayment obligation at the time of the application.


The DOH Medicine Scholarship Program includes all four years of medical training, including summer immersion programs before the second and third years of medicine, and a year postgraduate internship.

The DOH Midwifery Scholarship Program covers all four years of a bachelor in Midwifery Science. In return, scientists are expected to work in public health for two years for each school year supported by the DOH.

Priority is given to prospective students from low-income families, from geographically isolated and disadvantaged areas, from the country’s 20 poorest municipalities and cities, and indigenous communities or national minorities; dependent on government employees and active police and military personnel; disaster victims; and Barangay health workers and traditional midwives.

The DOH Medical Scholarship programs aim to reduce the grim inequality in the distribution of human resources in the Philippines by ensuring the presence of service-oriented health personnel in designated priority areas, usually geographically isolated rural areas.



What you should know about DOH Medicine Scholarship in Philippine 2019


The DOH Medical scholarships are available for pursuing the undergraduate program in the field of medicine and obstetrics in one of the institutions of the scholarship partner.

Eligible Nationality:

The Medicine grant in the Philippines is available to every Filipino students, with a good moral character, who have met the admission requirements of the DOH and the chosen partner school.

In addition to the DOH Medical Scholarship 2019, there are other scholarships available. International students to study abroad. You can visit our scholarship per category for access to all available scholarships.


Benefits of scholarships:

The DOH Medical Scholarship in the Philippines package of the program includes:

 1. tuition fees, laboratory costs, school fees, payable directly to the partner schools

 2. reimbursement directly to scientists, consisting of:

 a. living grant – PhP4,500 per month.

 b. accommodation allowance – PhP3,000 per month.

 c. transport surcharge – PhP800 per month.

 d. book tolerance – PhP12,100 per semester

 e. uniform allowance – PhP3.025 per semester

 f. various allowances – PhP5,500 per semester

 3. annual medical insurance – PhP2,400 per year, payable directly to the Philippine Health Insurance Corp.

Scholarship number:

The number of offers in DOH scholarships for medical students in the Philippines in 2019 was not specified.

Suitable for DOH Medical Scholarship 2019

The following criteria must be met for applicants to be eligible for the Philippines medicine grant 2019 :

  • Must be a natural Filipino citizen
  • Must be a holder of a Bachelor’s degree awarded by a duly recognized educational institution (for the postgraduate program )
  • Must have met all academic preparations
  • An overall weighted average of 2.50 or its equivalent or better (depending on the medical school)
  • Must have an NMAT of 45 and higher (depending on the medical school)
  • Must not have failed a course in the undergraduate course (depending on the medical school)
  • Must not have a report of the conviction of a crime with moral damnation
  • Must pass the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test)
  • Must have passed a panel of interviews

Step by step guide on how to apply 

  • Prospective students must apply directly to the aforementioned DOH partner schools; only those who have been admitted to their school of choice are eligible for the scholarship.
  • Incoming and currently enrolled students (1st year up to PGI) in said public medical schools who are interested in applying can submit the application form with complete attachment, to be submitted to the training school coordinator of schools for consolidation.
  • First screening: Students must apply directly to one of the eight DOH partner schools and must meet the minimum criteria/requirements. Only those who have been admitted to the partner schools are eligible to apply for the DOH grant.
  • Final screening: Validation and final evaluation of applicants by the DOH based on established criteria. Successful scholars are informed via the Scholarship department of the partner schools.

More information about education in the Philippines

Not only is the Philippines a beautiful country, but Philippines Education is also one of the best higher education systems in Asia, ranked 46th in the first edition of the QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings.

The Philippines offer the opportunity to study in English at an affordable price and annually attract more than 5,000 international students from around the world, most of whom come from other countries in East Asia.

There are nearly 2,300 higher education institutions in the Philippines, the majority of which are private. Many universities are connected to Roman Catholicism, which reflects the colonial past of the country.

Of the public institutions funded by the government, the national university and the University of the Philippines receives the most funding.


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