Carolina Foundation Scholarship part three

Carolina Foundation Scholarship

It is nice to bring you the concluding part of the Carolina Foundation Scholarship series. It has been a whole lot of experience. Feel free to read the first part of the series by clicking on this LINK. You can also read the second part by clicking this LINK. In other not to waste any more of your time, let’s get started.


How Carolina Foundation Scholarship work

Operation of the Training Program

Since its birth in 2000, the Carolina Foundation has refined a unique model of postgraduate scholarship management that guarantees high levels of quality in all phases of the process: call, application, selection and award, accompaniment to the beneficiary during the enjoyment of the scholarship and subsequent follow-up. Annually, the Carolina Foundation opens a call for scholarships, whose offer includes several modalities: postgraduate, doctorate and short stays, teacher mobility, etc. The management of each call cycle responds to the following formal guidelines:

  1. Design of the training offer: 

    Year after year, the Carolina Foundation team reviews and selects the highest quality programs and institutions of the Spanish higher education system. The choice criterion responds to the principle of quality and academic excellence, in combination with the adaptation to the training demands of Latin America. In turn, the Carolina Foundation aligns with the priorities of external action and educational and scientific cooperation defined by the MAEC. Finally, the Training Offer is scientifically endorsed by the Advisory Board of the Carolina Foundation, an independent consulting body that has the presence of ANECA, CSIC and CRUE. The support modalities are based on a distribution in six areas of knowledge in which the Carolina Foundation develops its activities:

A – Communication Science and Technology

B – Energy, Environment and Infrastructure

C – Health Sciences

D – Economy and Finance, Business Organization and Development

E – Social and Legal Sciences

F – Arts, Humanities and Communication

  1. Publication of the call: 

    It is done through the Carolina Foundation website, through a technological platform in which candidates can apply with agility and access detailed and detailed information about the scholarships, checking their requirements, submission deadlines, financial endowment and specific detail of the academic program. Any person interested in participating in the Carolina Foundation selection process can easily register by entering and modifying their data and including their CV through the online application that appears next to each program. The system is equally useful for the FC team, who can supervise the application process and, once the scholarship has been assigned, control all formal procedures related to the stay of the intern (tuition, payments …).

  2. Selection of candidates: 

    Once the application deadline is closed, the FC opens a strict selection process, ensuring the application of the objective criteria and parameters established in the bases of the call and the organizational capacity of the different pre-selected selection phases. The process goes through different filters: a first technical screen discards candidates who do not meet the fundamental requirements. Next, the Carolina Foundation draws on committees of independent academic experts who bring their experience and knowledge and define the most prepared candidates. After that, the FC team proceeds to conduct interviews (via telematics) of approximately half an hour to each candidate, in a process that lasts four weeks and encompasses about 1,000 interviews.

  3. Communication and assignment of scholars to programs: 

    once the selection is completed, the Carolina Foundation Scholarship management team communicates personally by email to each beneficiary of their scholarship. From that moment on, the intern becomes part of the Carolina Network, a platform that connects everyone who has come into contact with the Carolina Foundation since its creation (more than 17 thousand professionals). From the Training Program, the appropriate allocation of selected candidates to the Carolina Foundation scholarship programs is managed and formalized, ensuring the correct management of the documentation and compliance with the deadlines and requirements of the programs.


Carolina Foundation Scholarship Results

Since 2000 the FC has signed through its Training Program more than 2,300 agreements with around 250 Spanish and Latin America academic institutions. In 16 years, more than 500,000 applicants have applied for one or more Carolina scholarships. And until 2016, around 15,000 scholarships and grants have been granted to students and researchers from all Latin America countries.

In addition, 2,900 postgraduate programs from institutions, universities and public and private study centres located throughout the Spanish geography have been offered.


Educative credit

For the 2019-2020 call, the Carolina Foundation has received the offer of the two banks that participate in its Board of Trustees, Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria and Santander and various Ibero-American institutions.

The countries in which it is possible to apply for educational credit are Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru, the Dominican Republic and Uruguay.

The fact of being a beneficiary of a study aid or grant from the Carolina Foundation does not imply the automatic granting of the scholarship. The granting banks or institutions request from the petitioner the usual guarantees of a commercial credit. Confirmation of study aid or scholarship is accompanied by updated information on the possibilities and conditions to apply for these credits.

Efforts are still being made with the rest of the countries of the Latin-America Community of Nations so that some local financial institution grants educational loans under similar conditions.




Final thoughts on the Carolina Foundation Scholarship

Thank you for following this series, I hope you learned a lot about the Carolina Foundation Scholarship. Just before I go, I would love to give answers to two important questions that worries a lot of people. Below are the questions and answers:


Question 1: When does the Carolina Foundation Scholarship call for application?

Answer: The Carolina Foundation Scholarship calls for application annually. It is mostly open at the beginning of January of each year.


Question 2: How can someone apply for the Carolina Foundation Scholarship?

Answer: The application for a grant from the Carolina Foundation is done online and without sending documents.

Steps to apply for a scholarship:

    • Platform Access
  • Users already registered in the system: to access the profile of the candidate is the icon in the upper right corner Enter the registration email address and password later. If you do not remember the password, select the option Forgot your password?
  • New user: select the Register option in the upper right corner.

The information in the Data Protection Clause is displayed below. Once accepted, proceed to the registration and select the Send option

Once registered, the candidate already accesses his private area of ​​applicant. There you will find all the menu options (left margin):

      • My applications: it allows to consult (and prioritize in postgraduate scholarships) the requests made and request new programs in the + Add request button
      • My communiques: it allows to consult the communiques received.
      • My data: this is the cv that the candidate must complete.
        • Personal information
        • Languages
        • Training
      • My profile: allows you to modify the candidate’s registration data.

In the central part of the screen, you will find our scholarship offer.

To apply for a scholarship, the candidate must select the master or program in which they are interested in the central part of the screen and select the Request option.

Finally, if you wish to request more than one program, you can do so by clicking on the “New request” icon and choosing the desired program.

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