All you need to know about the EIFFEL scholarship

EIFFEL scholarship

Once you become a beneficiary of the EIFFEL scholarship program, you will enjoy a scholarship of excellence from the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs.

This prestigious program rewards foreign students presented by the French institution in which they will continue their studies and are selected by a jury of experts.

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  • The scholarship
  • Other benefits
  • Social security
  • Cultural activities
  • Obligations

The EIFFEL scholarship

The French agency for the promotion of higher education, reception and international mobility, is in charge of the management and supervision of approved beneficiary study stay in France.

Duration of the EIFFEL scholarship

Master’s Level

They award the Eiffel Scholarship for a certain number of months to allow the beneficiary to receive the training for which his/her application was selected. The student must meet the academic obligations of each year of the program to continue enjoying the scholarship initially planned.
The duration of the scholarship (except for language training) shall not exceed:

  • 12 months for enrollment in Master 2.
  • 24 months for enrollment in Master 1.
  • 36 months for enrollment in an engineering cycle.

If the scholarship holder carries out a previous language training, he can receive the scholarship in the course of this training with the maximum limit of two months. If the training is not indicated in the application, it cannot be requested afterwards. The cost of training will not be paid for by the organization.
Students can benefit from the maintenance of their scholarship during one or more internships for a cumulative duration corresponding to a maximum of 25% of the total duration of the scholarship at the Master level.

To be funded, internship periods must be mandatory and included in the curriculum. The scholarship will not cover the internship period beyond 25%. The granting of the scholarship will be suspended for the duration of any internship not considered mandatory in the curriculum.

The rest of the training is funded by the scholarship only for periods that the person spends in France.

If the beneficiary undertakes an international university exchange in another institution, they will suspend the scholarship during the period abroad, with a postponement of the scholarship.

If the beneficiary undertakes international mobility in the same institution, the scholarship will be suspended during the period carried out abroad, without possible postponement of the scholarship.
Periods of interruption are authorized during the program but will not be funded.

If an Eiffel Scholar signs an apprenticeship or a professionalization contract, the scholarship benefit will end automatically.


Doctorate level

The Eiffel scholarship is awarded for a maximum duration of 12 months.
A language training parallel to the studies is possible only for law students at the request of the French host institution.
If the training is not indicated in the application, it cannot be requested afterwards.
The scholarship can be distributed in a maximum of 3 calendar years.
The Beneficiary will be responsible for the expenses of a single round trip between the country of origin and France.
To receive the first admission of your scholarship, the beneficiary must necessarily begin his career at his host institution in France.

Amount of the EIFFEL scholarship

The Eiffel Program does not cover tuition costs for training. We invite institutions to apply the best possible financial conditions to Eiffel fellows in terms of tuition fees for training.
For students accepted in public institutions supervised by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, we remind you that the French government scholarship status exempts you from paying administrative registration fees.


Master’s level

Eiffel scholars receive a monthly aid of タ1,181 (タ1,031 in subsidies and タ150 in complementary aid), to which the payment of various benefits is added: round trip, social protection, cultural activities.
They may also benefit under certain conditions from a supplementary housing allowance within three months after the signing of the accommodation contract.

Doctoral level

Eiffel scholars receive a monthly aid of タ 1,400, to which is added the payment of various benefits like a round trip, social protection, cultural activities.
They may also benefit under certain conditions from a supplementary housing allowance within three months after the signing of the accommodation contract.


Payment methods

The scholarship is paid each month by bank transfer to an account in France opened by the beneficiary at the beginning of his training.
The RIB (” Relev← d’Identit← Bancaire “, a certificate of bank ownership) must be sent in by the beneficiary.




If you wish, it is possible to ask the scholarship provider for accommodation in CROUS residences or private residences (ᅫle-de-France region only).


Housing subsidies

Individual accommodation

If you do not live in university residences, but in an accommodation that you have chosen, you can benefit, at your request, from additional subsidies for your home. You will only have to present your first rental receipt (with your name and address), as well as a copy of your rental agreement within three months after the signing of the accommodation contract.

Regardless of your place of residence, the amount is EUR 115.00 per month.

A particular case for students in Paris and the Paris region: As of October 1, 2003, students staying at Campus France in an associated residence can no longer benefit from the monthly allowance of EUR 115.00. Indeed, part of the rent is already paid by the Eiffel program.
The amount of this assistance depends on the type of residence.

Suspension of the subsidy: If you wish to carry out an internship or a stay abroad in a training institution, and do not keep your accommodation in France, the payment of this subsidy will be suspended.
The payment of the aid will also be suspended in the case of one year of interruption.



This trip is funded by the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and only concerns fellows residing abroad at the time of their selection. The organization regarding the ticket is only in charge of Campus France.

Particular case: For the doctoral candidates authorized at the time of their selection to divide their scholarship into multiple stays, a single round trip will be covered.
They take over the trip according to the following modalities:

International transport: a round-trip airline ticket.
Country of origin – France;
National transport: a train ticket from the airport to the first place of studies;
Train ticket from the last place of studies to the airport of departure;

Local transport: reimbursement of a maximum of タ50 of the journey between the airport or train station of arrival and your first place of residence (taxi or collective transport).
NB: The scholarship student has a full year after the end of his scholarship to assert his right to repatriation.
The reimbursement is made based on an average cost that varies according to the geographical area.



EIFFEL scholarship beneficiaries will be affiliated with Campus France social protection pending their affiliation to French social security, which must be done quickly.

EIFFEL scholarship fellows must register on the website to benefit from French social security.
The website is available in French and English.
The European students with a European Health Insurance Card (“Carte Europ←enne d’Assurance Maladie” – CEAM) have nothing to do, even if they begin their studies in France from the new academic year 2019/20. They still have access to medical care in France and get reimbursed for a portion of their health expenses as if they were in their country.

An additional health regime (“mutuelle”) that will be reimbursed (maximum タ 264) must sign insurance.



Campus France proposes:
Weekend excursions that will allow you to relax for one or two days, meet other scholars and discover a city, a French region or a European capital.
Short tourist stays of 3 to 4 days to discover a region of France or a European capital in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.
Sports, leisure and recreational activities.
Shows to discover French cultural life.



The Eiffel scholarship is granted for a predetermined formation in its object and its duration.
The benefit of the Eiffel Scholarship involves regular participation in the activities provided for in the training program and even submit to all examinations and respect the discipline of the assigned institution.

The Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs reserves the right to end the payment of this scholarship if the scholarship activities are incompatible with the objectives of the program.
The beneficiaries of the Eiffel scholarship must send to Campus France a certificate of enrollment for the current year at the beginning of each training year.

The beneficiaries of the Eiffel scholarship must inform Campus France before starting an internship or leaving the French territory.
We at safe scholarship wishes you a good stay and good studies in France.

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