This is to bring to the notice of the public that the University of Newcastle is offering the Catherine and Peter Tay Singapore Alumni (follow on) Scholarship. The scholarship is open for international students.

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This scholarship scheme was established in 2018 by Catherine and Peter Tay from Singapore. It is a continuous demonstration of appreciation for those 50 years earlier in 1968; when Dr Peter Tay received his undergraduate education for a double degree.

The University of Newcastle through a Colombo Plan Scholarship from the Australian Government made the scholarship become a stepping stone in Peter’s life-long achievements and helped him to become what he is today.

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Description of Scholarship

  • Closing Date of Application: March 6, 2019
  • Degree level: Scholarships are available to study undergraduate program.
  • Field of Study: Scholarship is awarded to study Engineering and Economics.
  • Scholarship Award:  The scholarship is available for $4,000.
  • Nationalities: The scholarship is available to international students.

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Applicant must;

  • Be a past recipient of the Singapore Alumni Scholarship.
  • Be enrolled in any year of an undergraduate degree program at the University of Newcastle.
  • Be enrolled full-time.
  • express that you are affected by educational disadvantages, such as the guardian or sole parent, monetary hardship, English language difficulty, native Australian, long-term medical condition, disability, refugee status, regional/remote disadvantage.
    • Display academic achievement by having a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 5.0 or higher.
  • If successful, be willing to put forward an essay of approximately 400 words on Singapore and one or more aspects of its people, economy, geography, history, culture, political system etc.
  • Not be the recipient of another UON Donor funded or sponsored scholarship concurrently.

Procedures for Application

How to Apply: The mode of applying for this scholarship is online.

NB: If proper documentation is not provided, your application will not be processed. Please also note to have all necessary documents available for upload as PDF, DOC, DOCX, JPEG, or JPG files prior to completing the online application process.
• A written statement (max 2 A4 pages) representing/outlining your academic accomplishments to date, career aspirations in the significant area of study/research and how this scholarship would be of assistance to you.
• Any documents supporting your claims (such as CV, evidence of achievements, centre link income statement). A list of required documents for educational shortcoming is available at
• A paragraph outlining how you used your past Singapore Alumni Scholarship and how it helped you with your studies.
TIPS: Limit supporting documents to a few documents which support significant eligibility criteria only. You may need to combine as one PDF for upload and include your name and student number (if you have one) in the document.

Visit the Scholarship Link for more information

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